Short Stories in Hiligaynon - Hilikuton 13-20

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Published on 2019 January 8th

This learning resource is a compilation of eight (8) short stories in Hiligaynon followed by a five-item comprehension test for Grade 2 learners initiated to improve the reading ability of learners especially in noting important details on the story read.
Note important details in narrative texts. (MT2LC-Ia-b-1.1.1) a. Characters, setting and events

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K to 12
Grade 2
Mother Tongue
Listening Comprehension
Note important details in grade level informational text

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Petronilo Bartolo (Pet Bartolo) - La Carlota City, Region VI - Western Visayas
Petronilo R. Bartolo, LCSES-I, DepEd, La Carlota City
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