Ang Tuko ug ang Tiki

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Published on 2020 February 17th

This big book is supplementary materials that can be utilized for Grade 1 to 3 learners. For Grade 1- it will help develop a listening competency skill in listen attentively ,react positively during story reading, infer the characters feeling and traits in a story listened to, relate story events to one's experience, and browse books read to them. For Grade 2- it will help develop a listening a competency skill in identifying the important story elements. For Grade 3- it will help develop a reading competenciy skill in relating story events to one's experiences

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Mother Tongue
Attitude towards reading Attitude Towards Reading Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Describes and reacts to the author’s writing style.

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Jumarlyn Almosa ( - Maasin City, Region VIII - Eastern Visayas
Maasin City Division
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