Eat Right and Be Healthy

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Published on 2011 January 26th

The modules discussed that the key to proper nutrition is choosing the right kind of food. What is essential to good health is eating the right amount and kind of food. Knowing the elements in foods that make us healthy is the first step to proper nutrition. This will allow us to choose properly the food that our bodies need to remain healthy, and to plan a balanced meal.
After studying this module, you should be able to:
? explain the meaning of the term nutrient;
? identify the different nutrients in food needed for healthy life and growth;
? determine the proper amount of nutrients a normal person needs;
? describe what a balanced meal is;
? plan a balanced diet by choosing a variety of foods every day;
? preserve nutrients in food through proper methods of food preparation,
cooking and serving; and
? practice food safety through proper methods of food sanitation.

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Learners, Students
State that a healthy person grows taller and bigger and heavier and faster

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