Ang Pangandoy Ni Dodoy

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Published on 2022 October 19th

This Big Book entitled “Ang Pangandoy Ni Dodoy” is on Mother Tongue based language wherein learners can easily understand and comprehend since it is written in Sinugbuanong Binisaya. This materials aims to identify letter of the Alphabet (Dd), recall details of the Story and expresses thoughts, feelings, fears, ideas, wishes and dreams.
This storybooks aims to identify letter of the alphabet (Dd), recall details of the story and expresses thoughts feelings, fears, ideas, wishes, and dreams.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Kindergarten, Grade 1
Kindergarten, Mother Tongue
Oral Language Reading Comprehension G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Oral Language (OL) G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Alphabet Knowledge (AK) Listening Comprehension
Give the sound of each letter (mother tongue, orthography) Match an upper- to its lower-case letter Trace, copy, and draw familiar figures Retell literary and information texts appropriate to the grade level listened to

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Analiza D. Jauculan
Schools Division of Zamboanga Del Norte
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