Rice Farming Cycle of Pidlisan Tribe

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Published on 2018 July 17th

This resource material entitled "Rice Farming Cycle of Pidlisan Tribe" aims to build the capacity of the teaching personnel of Bangaan Elementary School and other elementary schools in Northern Sagada to implement a culture-based education anchored on the rice culture of the Pidlisan tribe. It allows the teachers to prepare lesson plans that are inclusive, culture-sensitive, flexible and culturally appropriate for the tribe’s indigenous learners. The aim then is to enable the pupils to understand their own culture and prepare them to become future culture-bearers and responsible citizens exercising their right to self-determination.

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K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6
Listening Comprehension
Distinguish fact from opinion in news reports listened to

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Bangaan Elementary School Teachers (Angway, AllenS.; Api-it, Rose-an A.; Buyagan, Genelyn B.; Camareg, Naty A.; Domalsin, Melchora M.; Dulnuan, Clara K.; Edpis, Lourdes P.; Magalgalit, Beverly P.; Mayocyoc, Rose B.; Salao, Theresa G.; and Tomeg, Joy O.)
Department of Education - Schools Division of Mt. Province
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