Sa mga Pagbabagong Pisikal, Kalinisan Mo ay Alagaan

Learning Material

Published on 2018 April 20th

This learner’s material provides information on the changes occurring in one’s body during puberty, personal hygiene, and is integrated with lesson on numeracy.
At the end of the module, the learner is able to:
1. cite the changes occurring in one’s body, physical and behavioral, during puberty;
2. use greater than, less than, and equals to (<, >, =) in comparing whole numbers;
3. enumerate ways on how to keep one’s body clean;
4. solve mathematical problems in real life situations; and
5. understand the process of fertilization (reproductive).

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Educators, Learners
Cite factors that contribute to good health, e.g., proper nutrition, adequate clothing, personal hygiene, clean environment, adequate shelter, social justice, education, recreation, good habits. Explain the process of fertilization through an illustration Describe the changes that occur during puberty.

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