Ang Sakit.. May Lunas Pa Kaya?

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Published on 2018 April 20th

This module provides information on how the urinary system functions in our body, illnesses related to it, and ways to prevent these illnesses.
At the end of the module, the learner is able to:
1. explain the urinary system;
2. practice proper care of the urinary system;
3. identify the symptoms and effects of illnesses related to the urinary system;
4. cite ways on how to prevent illnesses of the urinary system; and
5. solve mathematical problems related to the urinary system.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Basic Literacy
Educators, Learners
Relate the structure of the excretory system to its functions,
(e.g. kidneys, skin and liver) Describe the common ailments of the excretory system (e.g.
kidney stones, uti and urethritis) Demonstrate healthful habits in taking care of the excretory
system, e.g., proper diet (avoid salty food), personal
hygiene, sanitation and good health habits.

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