Ako at ang Ating Watawat

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Published on 2018 April 19th

This learner’s material provides information on the meaning of the Philippine flag which help us relive the independence of our nation. It also encourages Filipinos to show appreciation and respect for the Philippine flag.
At the end of the module, the learner is expected to:
1. identify the characteristics of the national flag;
2. explain what each characteristic of the flag symbolizes;
3. write simple words;
4. recite the poem well;
5. tell the shape of an object;
6. express one’s self on the topic discuss; and
7. show respect to the Philippine flag.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Basic Literacy
Educators, Learners
Discuss the meaning of the national anthem
and flag as national symbols Explain the significance of the features and
colors of the filipino flag Show appreciation for the diverse filipino
cultural groups (see ls 5, to a and to b,
pp. 5–6).

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