Bag-o nga Berto

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Published on 2021 September 20th

The storybook is intended to value the importance of time and family
1. Read aloud grade level text with an accuracy of 95-100%.
2. Correctly spell the words in the list of vocabulary words and the words in the selections read.
3. Uses words unlocked during story reading in meaningful texts.
4. Note important details in grade level narrative texts. Use the combination of affixes and root words as clues to get meaning of words.
5. Gives the correct sequence of 3-5 events in a story.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Mother Tongue
Listening Comprehension Attitude Towards Reading
Gives one’s reaction to an event or issue. Expresses love for stories and other texts by browsing the books read to them and asking to be read more stories and texts. Shows love for reading by listening attentively during story reading and making comments or reactions.

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DepEd Division of Iloilo City
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