Career Guidance Manual for Teachers, Grade 11

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Published on 2023 April 12th

The Career Guidance Manual has been developed to help teachers, guidance counselors, and career advocates help senior high school students in preparing them for a career they would want to pursue after senior high. The manual is composed of eight modules all taken up together to form a handbook. The modules build up one after the other such that at the initial module, students are presented with different career choices, slowly developing and intensifying in the next modules that tackle the different factors affecting the fulfillment of a dream/goal, how to deal with these factors, the preparations for equipping oneself with the skills required of a profession, including honing one’s personal attributes and characteristics that are equally essential as the technical capabilities when applying for work. As such, by the last module, the students would have been very confident about the career he/she intends to undertake.

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Grade 11

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