Mega Mole Conversion

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Published on 2022 December 13th

Mega Mole Conversion is a Strategic Intervention Material which intends to enhance the academic achievements of students performing low on the topic Mole conversion. The SIM is built around the k to 12 Science 9 Curriculum for grade 9 students. The SIM tackles on the conversion of mole to mass and vice versa, mole to number of particles and vice versa, and mass to number of particles and vice versa. The SIM can be used as a reinforcement material or as a classroom instructional material during the discussion of the mole conversion. The SIM is good for one hour session. The SIM is best given to students after the discussion of the mole concept and it will serve as an introductory part in the problem-solving phase of the mole conversion. Avogadro’s number and molar mass must be discussed beforehand and an additional knowledge of stoichiometry can be very helpful to the students. The SIM contains 6 Activity Cards. The first two activities are designed to review the mole map. The third and fourth activity cards are designed to identify the mathematical operations needed to convert the unit mass, mole and number of particles to one another. The last two activity cards are intended to introduce to the students the process of converting one unit to another. Mega Mole Conversion has four assessment cards, one enrichment card, a reference card and answer key cards. The SIM is designed to be engaging and manipulative, thus work must be done to cut-out the materials, paste them on their intended places and secure these materials that they will work as they are designed to do. Necessary materials like magnetic sheet or magic tape or the likes must be procured.
1. Complete a concept map on the mole concept;
2. Identify the mathematical operation/s to convert mass, number of moles, and number of particles to one another;
3. Solve problems involving mass, no. of moles and no. of particles conversion.

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K to 12
Grade 9
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Determine the percentage composition of a compound given its chemical formula and vice versa

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