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A material aimed to broaden learners’ knowledge of their developmental changes, their skills, and traits to help them meet the various tasks that they need to undertake at this juncture.
1. explain that knowing oneself can make one accept one’s strengths and limitations and dealing with others better
2. discuss that understanding stress and its sources during adolescence may help in identifying ways to cope and have a healthful life
3. appraise one’s family structure and the type of care one gives and receives
4. explain the factors in personal development that may guide one in making important career decisions as an adolescent

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
Personal Development
Knowing Oneself Developing the Whole Person Developmental Stages in Middle and Late Adolescence The Challenges of Middle and Late Adolescence Coping with Stress in Middle and Late Adolescence The Powers of the Mind Mental Health and Well-being in Middle and Late Adolescence Emotional Intelligence Personal Relationships Social Relationships in Middle and Late Adolescence Family Structures and Legacies Persons and Careers Career Pathways Insights into One’s Personal Development

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