Junior Fire Marshal - The chemistry of fire and evacuation procedures

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Published on 2016 August 22nd

This module was designed to help you understand the chemical nature of fire, combustion and oxidation, and the process of developing a fire safety plan.
After having gone through this module, the students are expected to:
1. explain the three elements of fire;
2. explain what it takes to create fire and how to control it;
3. distinguish among elemental oxygen, oxygen gas, and other molecules
containing oxygen;
4. identify materials that catch fire more easily;
5. analyze the fire safety plan and procedures for their school and home; and
6. design an evacuation plan for their respective home

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 10
Science, Health
Injury Prevention Safety and First Aid Matter
Recognizes disasters or emergency situations Demonstrates proper response before during and after a disaster or an emergency situation Relates disaster preparedness and proper response during emergency situations in preserving lives Describes appropriate safety measures during special events or situations that may put people at risk Explain how the factors affecting rates of chemical reactions are applied in food preservation and materials production control of fire pollution and corrosion

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