Let's Q-It

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Published on 2011 March 23rd

This teacher support material is designed to guide teachers on how to enrich pupils’ ability in asking questions about one and others. It aims to develop the speaking skill, so activities involve tasks for spoken interactions that are to be performed by pairs, groups and the whole class with the use of question starters. Other language activities such as listening, reading and writing are practiced as pupils go through the mentally engaging activities.
At the end of the activities, the pupils will ask questions using WH- questions + be verbs.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 4, Grade 3
Oral Language Grammar Oral Language and Fluency Grammar Awareness Oral Reading Fluency
Educators, Learners
Ask and respond to questions about informational texts listened to (environment, health, howto’s, etc.) Use verbs when giving information and making explanations Formulate meaningful expressions Formulate short replies Identify and use s form of verbs Use the past form of regular verbs Use the past form of irregular verbs

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